26 January 2009

Array of array-ful things

It’s Monday. Although I think the consensus now is that it could have been any day of the week. It could be February for all we know. Days and dates have merged, and PMA has become one big Groundhog Day of learning.

Today we were given our first feature to write. We leisurely strolled up the high street to the Lock Market to conduct our research. The sense of urgency, which has seen us stampede for computers in recent weeks, had disappeared. We revelled in the fact that we had the whole day to find our stories. The possibilities seemed endless. I even wondered if I could fit in a quick haircut.

I was soon writing about the array of jewellery on the array of stools, and the array of restaurants in the array of markets. Sometimes this was substituted with 'selection'. Just to add some variety.

Tomorrow we are interviewing renowned political activist Bruce Kent. I’m nervous. It’s not his status that’s intimidating me; it’s the fact that it’s all going to be videoed, to be played back to everyone in glorious digi-technicolour. My experience with video-captured interviews last week has shown the awful effect they have on me. I panic, and begin to phrase questions in the style of an non-English-speaking tourist. Fingers crossed it will all be ok.

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