27 August 2008

Posting disorganisation

It would appear the summer PGs have lost track of the blogging process, myself included, so I will make good and tell all.

The placements are ticking along with only 2 days left. I am on Media Week, which is a title enthralling media types as I write as the new edition arrived on news stands today. I have been working on the online section, which is great as you see your work posted immediately... it doesn't go in the mag though so I need to print off my articles tomorrow. That's fine as the web is clearly going to win the war, and online journalism will replace many publications. You read it here. Oh yes.

Anyway, enough about work - how about those re-subs - Hmmmmm, a few left but the important thing is to do the features, revise for the exams, pass with flying marks and find the all important job.

Most of the class seem to be enjoying the placements... more or less... and Sarah has picked up the Editorial Asst. position at OPP so congrats to her! Very much looking forward to seeing everyone next week as the placements become a little lonesome. The nice thing is that the 5 of us at Haymarket can meet lots, take on hardcore teeline dates and really bash out those Media Law stats. Oh, yes. That's what we do over lunch. For sure.

So, a few days, a weekend, and then into the fray of our final exams, the last few re-subs and ... er... oh, right, the BIG party on September 5th! Can't wait for that.

For now, it's back to revising Teeline groupings - it's been a wild summer. Or maybe insane is the right word.

Now for something about councillors, Mrs.Green and Killer Lane.

Author: Charlie Neyra

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