03 August 2008


As fifth week approaches with Road Runner speed and the threat of deadlines/external examiners loom, the term 'panic' seems to mock the reality of our situation. The last six days have flown by in a haze of telephone cords, dictaphones and research. And research. And a bit more research.

Staring into an endless matrix of web data; pages bursting with statistics and jargon (and oo yay press releases), my occipitalobe has sped into overdrive and left me a teeny bit catatonic. Can anyone else feel their brain dribbling out their ears?

At this point, it has become alarmingly apparent that no matter how finance is dressed up, the subject remains a cold and distant land to me. Like Yemen. What to do oh financey-Yemen?! This 800 word feature is not the animal I want it to be...

On a lighter note, we are all still alive.

I'd also like to put this to the PMAers: in lieu of real music, we should hijack Boosh-style shenanigans and introduce crimping to the office. Eh? Yeah? Yeah??

It's been a weird weekend.

Author: Karmel

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