27 July 2008


Maybe it's the heat, but I'm feeling very Robinson Crusoe today.
It's only been 48 hours, but a whole weekend away from the centre and I feel shipwrecked. Typing away on a computer by yourself in a stuffy room is defintely a route to madness, and not half as much fun as being surrounded by Team PMA.
The Life in the Day interviews should be taking shape, and it's funny to think of everyone simultaneously moulding theirs into a respectable Sunday Times-mimic by tomorrow. I think I've been working on mine too long, and am feeling slightly light-headed. Can you get sunstroke without leaving the house??
Our Camden features should also be crafted into lively attention-grabbers by now - I feel like I've been looking round those stalls all weekend.
Roll on Monday. Did I really just say that?

Author: Charlotte Williams

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