20 July 2008

Sunday, week two

No roast for me today. There’s news to be broken. Last week threw up some painful truths. My spllenig is pathhettic, you should not write ‘not’ unless you’re not very good and I only rock the teeline when I know the passage off by heart (sorry Alison). Andy showed us how to write for the web on Thursday and drew our attention to the selling power of cats. I did a tip-top job of concealing my student status at the retirement show on Friday… until I bragged to Andy in earshot of an interviewee and blew my cover. Think I’ve broken the back of the resubmissions, until they bounce back at least. If anyone knows a good secretary though could you let me know? I’m looking for one for 15 hours a week to handle my cover sheet backlog. We’ve appointed a very able editor and she’s got us on the RB case already. In fact, I’d better crack on or she’ll be getting hold of a cattle prod from one of her old farmer contacts and frying us all into action…

Author: Lynda

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