22 July 2008

Re: Postgraduate Diploma in Magazine Journalism, Summer 2008

My mother always said not to talk to strangers, and yet here we are learning how to do just that. Today was the first day of features. We now get the opportunity to flex our linguistic and creative muscles! No need for the inverted triangle, we can tell the story exactly as we like…. Provided that it hooks the reader and keeps them. We also interviewed the (very) fast talking MP for West Reading, Martin Salter, which thanks to the wonders of video we got to watch later on for critical purposes. As it turns out, most strangers are pretty affable people if you approach them in the right way.
I finally feel like I am winning (or not completely beaten) when it comes to shorthand. I somehow found myself getting involved in the Karmel/Ed/bottom end of the table competition. I wasn’t first, but I thankfully wasn’t last either.

Jackie Scully also popped in last night to talk about the wonderful world of customer publishing, “if you want to want to do about a million different things on a shoestring budget, then come and play with us”. Definitely something to explore further…

Author: Petah Marian

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