18 July 2008

Friday was a Do-ing day

Friday was a Do-ing day... Go Find FIVE stories at an event...

Andy dispatched the team to hot ticket event, The Retirement Show 2008. At the end of this day I feel very well-travelled. 6 Tubes, 2 Buses and I'm about to head off to Clapham... 4 buses coming up!

I'm lovingly looking at the sofa, but I know that even if I could stay here it's resubmission time too. Things are definitely getting busy and the need to get all resubs passed is paramount. I do not want to see the Lawyer article again. Ever. Those who know what I mean, know what I mean?

Karmel seems to displaying odd Teeline love, but challenging Ed to finishing first is just too much as my end of the table just tries to get any squiggle looking right.

Time to write up the Ret Biz show notes and find those stories. (After a cheeky drink in Clapham. Must cancel all social life. PMA and parties do NOT mix.) Grammar - nice brackets. Oh dear.

Author: Charlie Neyra

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